Reflections on the 2015 TxETDA/USETDA Region 3 Conference

This year, Sean Fortney of Oklahoma State University was the recipient of the TxETDA’s Conference Scholarship for First-Time Attendees. As the second year we have offered the scholarship, it was exciting to again find a recipient from out of state!

In this post, Mr. Fortney shares about his first time attending the conference:

The TxETDA Conference brought together a variety of attendees and presenters which helped to create a welcoming atmosphere. Having never been to a TxETDA Conference before, I was pleased that the conference started by providing an overview of ETD programs. Oklahoma State University Libraries already has an ETD program, but it is enlightening to hear from others on their implantation.

I really appreciated that this conference applied to those who already have an ETD program and those who are in their initial stages of an ETD program. Between things like Vireo and data publication, this conference covered several key features that I believe are beneficial to anyone who is starting an ETD program or already maintains one.

Vireo, specifically is the one thing that I took away from this conference. Vireo is the brain child of Texas Digital Libraries and it was discussed frequently. It is a data submission tool that has been utilized by major universities in Texas as well as several outside places, like Harvard University and John Hopkins University, to name a couple. I’ve never heard of Vireo and I’m glad I attended this conference to hear the pros and cons of the program. It was a wonderful conference and I’m looking forward to the USetdA conference later this year!